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Fiber and co2 mixed laser cutting machine for metal and nonmetal

Product name: Fiber and co2 mixed laser cutting machine for metal and nonmetal
Model: LM-1530CF
Laser power: 1000w / 1500w / 2000w / 3000w+ 150W / 180W
Working range: 1500mm*3000mm
Application: Widely used for metal and nonmetal materials laser cutting

Machine features

1. LM-1530CF is metal and non metal laser cutting machine, with both fiber laser source and CO2 laser tube. Can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, wood, acrylic, rubber and almost all kinds of non metal material.
2. Moved X gantry with imported high precision gear rack transmission makes the stable driving and high precision work .
3. Machine frame, gantry and worktable adopt integral welding, in accordance with the standard large machine.
4. X and Y axis equip with servo motor and driver , high precision, high speed, large torque, large inertia for a steady and durable work.
5. High cost-effective, economical as well as practical. Space-saving and easy to transport.

Technical parameters



Working area


Laser type

Fiber laser source+co2 glass laser tube

Product name

Fiber and co2 combined laser cutting machine 

Laser power


Fiber laser brand Raycus / MAX / RECI / BWT+Yongli

Drive type

Gear rack transmission

Control system

Ruida / FSCUT

Cooling system

Water cooling



Machine details

Fiber CO2 Laser Cutting MachineDual Use Fiber Laser Cutting MachineLM-1530CF Fiber CO2 Laser Cutting MachineFiber CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Laser HeadDual Use Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Detail Presentation

Machine Application

This machine is widely used for cutting metal and nonmetal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, acrylic, copper, iron, wood, mdf,plywood, leather, fabric, paper etc.
Applicable for advertising signs, decoration, light and lamps, hardware and tools, kitchen wares, automobile parts, display equipment, elevator manufacturing, arts and crafts, architectural model, photo frames and albums, garment leather and other industries.

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