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Co2 Laser Tube

Product name: Co2 Laser Tube
Laser power: 60w, 80w, 100w, 130w, 150w, 180w, 220w, 300w
Working range:

Machine features

China top brand Yongli, Reci co2 laser tube are used for LaserMen co2 laser machines. So the machine cutting and engraving effect and precsion is guaranteed.  
The power of co2 laser tube can be selected from 50-watts to 300-watts. 50w, 60w, 80w,100w can do both engraving and cutting, 150w, 180w, 220w, 300w mainly cuts.

Technical parameters

Yongli Technical Parameter
Model   Len.
Rated power
Dia.(mm) Ignition Voltage
Working Voltage
Working Current
Recommend working current
Catalyst Power stability
A1S 1100 75 90      Φ80±2 20 15 22 18 yes ±5 Engraving,Cutting
A2S 1250 90 100 Φ80±2 25 18 26 21 yes ±5 Engraving,Cutting
A4S 1450 100 130 Φ80±2 28 19 28 22 yes ±5 Engraving,Cutting
A6S 1650 130 160 Φ80±2 30 21 30 24 yes ±5        Cutting
A8S 1850 150 180 Φ80±2 34 22 35 28 yes ±5        Cutting
Reci Technical Parameter
Model W1 W2 W4 W6 W8
Rated Output Power(W) 75 90 100 130 150
Max Output Power(W) 90 100 130 160 180
Length(mm) 1100 1250 1400 1650 1850
Outer Diameter(mm) Φ80 Φ90
Lifespan(h) >15000 >10000
Warranty(day)                        540          360



Machine details

Yongli laser tube has its own patented technology to modify the beam size and quality effectively that solves the beam distortion, increase the effective power. Inner lens upgraded. All inner lens and mirrors is imported lens that is customized by the U.S.II-VI Infrared. Adopting new catalytic technology to enhance coating firmness and catalytic consumption, stabler on longtime working, lifespan is longer.A6s, A8s are capable for thin metal and non-metal cutting, with better cutting performance.
Reci upgrades and brings CO2 glass laser tube to 3.0 generation.  New firing technology is used to join metal parts and glass parts together directly. This new technology makes the high stability in W series laser tubes.
Packing of co2 laser tube
 packing of co2 laser tube

Machine Application

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