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LM-9013AF Fully-enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

19 / 8 / 2021

LM-9013AF Fully-enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
LaserMen new design 900*1300mm Small Enclosed type fiber laser cutting machine meets the need of thin metal cutting and security.
Fiber laser cutting equipment has been widely used in many industries. At the same time, customers have higher and higher requirements for machine safety. The full enclosed type fiber laser cutter designed by LaserMen has the feature of high safety, convenient use and simple operation etc. On the basis of our large size laser equipment of 1500*4000mm / 1500*4000mm, we designed the small model 900*1300mm to meet the needs of small-format sheet metal cutting. The price of 9013 fully enclosed type is reasonable, and machine can be equipped with 1000w or 1500w laser power. It is a very cost-effective product for the thin metal plate processing industry.

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