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Metal Rust removing with LaserMen continuous fiber laser cleaning machine

27 / 9 / 2021

Metal Rust removing with LaserMen continuous fiber laser cleaning machine 
Laser cleaning machine is a high-tech product for metal surface cleaning at this stage. It is easy to operate, automatic integration, no chemical reagents, surface cleaning. It has the advantages of high cleanliness, high precision, high efficiency, environmental protection, safety and reliability, and almost no damage to the surface of the substrate. It solves various problems that the traditional cleaning technology cannot solved.

There are different types laser cleaning machines can be selected, such as the portable type mini fiber laser cleaning machine, continuous fiber laser cleaning machine, and customized models are also available.
LaserMen will provide the most suitable laser products according to customer needs.
Our fiber laser cleaning machine has the following advantages:
●Non-contact cleaning, high safety.
●High cleaning precision, strong controllability, no consumables, and strong environmental protection.
●Easy to operate. It can be hand-held or matched with a manipulator to realize automatic cleaning.
●High cleaning efficiency, saving time and labor cost.
●Stable control system, long life, one-time investment, high rate of return.

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