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Mini laser welding machine

08 / 10 / 2022

Mini laser welding machine
As can be seen from the name of the mini laser welding machine, this equipment is very small, because this welding equipment can be moved. Compared with ordinary welding equipment, the characteristics of the laser mini laser welding machine are: very small in size and only about 50 kg, one person can move it, easy to use when going out, high welding efficiency, about 3-5 times the traditional welding speed. With good reliability, the service life can reach 100,000 hours, and it is very convenient to carry. This mini laser welding machine is a substitute for the argon arc welding machine commonly used in the past.
mini handheld fiber laser welding machine
1. Welding effect: laser welding stainless steel will not appear black, deformed, or welded through! The size of the power can be controlled by software!
2. Production efficiency: The advantages of laser welding machines and traditional welding methods are: fast speed, high efficiency, and lower production costs; simple operation, ordinary workers can also operate, reducing labor costs; smooth and beautiful welds, no need for excessive grinding, saving Consumables!
LaserMen Mini Handheld Laser Welding Machine. Every detail is ingeniously designed, can be operated outside, suitable for welding on site and processing outside, safe and stable.

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