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Fiber CO2 Dual Use Laser Cutting Machine

01 / 2 / 2023

Fiber CO2 Dual Use Laser Cutting Machine
The fiber co2 laser cutting machine working area is 900*1300mm, and equip with 1kw/1.5kw/2kw laser source, the laser generator has higher electro-optic conversion efficiency, higher and more stable optical quality, ensuring more stable and finer cutting effect when cutting thick plates. This series of lasers is suitable for a variety of application scenarios, with narrow seams and bright sections.

Fiber and co2 laser cutting head
The user has selected the raytools cutting head. Using precision optical components, the beam quality is excellent and stable. The perfect water-cooling structure ensures the cooling effect of the optical lens. Advanced dust-proof design, effectively avoid dust intrusion. Equipped with 130w/150W/180w CO2 laser tube, slender beam, high-quality spot. It can cut non-metallic materials up to 20mm. Long service life and stable cutting performance.
Fiber and co2 laser cutting machine is widely used. The fiber cutting head is mainly used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel plate, aluminum zinc plate, copper and various metal materials. CO2 cutting heads are mainly used for engraving and cutting non-metallic materials, including wood, acrylic, rubber, plastic, cloth, leather, MDF, etc.

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