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LaserMen LM-9060-F 100w CO2 laser cutting machine cutting leather

15 / 5 / 2024

1.Welded machine bed. Machine is heavier and more stable,which ensures machine runs fast and smoothly.
2.Laser tube with coaxial red light,compact design and stableperformance.
3.Module guide slide is sealed with silicon steel,effectivelyprotects the rail lubrication and lasts the rail service life.
4.Machine adopts ball screw lifting Z axis table,quality cuttingsection,high precision and good stability. Machine is able toprocess precision parts.
5.Machine adopts LeadShine servo motors, which has advantag-es of large output torque, reliable performance, no out-of-step,small heat, low energy consumption.
6.Upgraded RuiDa controller version RDC6445G, besides basicfunctions, has more functions such as vectorization,3D engrav一ing,photo laser,nesting,etc. Diversified functions make themachine more smart and easy to use.

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