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Grain in Ear, one of the 24 solar terms in China

05 / 6 / 2024

The Grain in Ear, also known as Mangzhong in Chinese, is one of the traditional Twenty-Four Solar Terms in the lunar calendar. It signifies the peak period of summer planting in China, particularly in the northern hemisphere. This solar term typically falls on or around June 5th or 6th each year, when the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 75 degrees.
During the Grain in Ear, the weather is warm and humid, favoring the growth of crops. Farmers are busy harvesting wheat, barley, and other winter cereals while also planting summer crops such as rice, corn, and soybeans. The name "Grain in Ear" comes from the fact that the grains of these summer crops begin to form and fill in the husks, signaling their progress towards maturity.
In addition to agricultural activities, the Grain in Ear is also a time for various cultural and folk customs. For instance, some regions hold festivals to celebrate the harvest and pray for a bountiful year. People also enjoy traditional foods that are associated with this solar term, such as wheat-based dishes and fruits that are in season.
Overall, the Grain in Ear is a significant time in China's agricultural calendar, marking the transition from spring planting to summer harvesting and the beginning of a new growth cycle for many crops.

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