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The application of LaserMen laser equipment in packaging and printing industry

25 / 9 / 2020

The Application of LaserMen laser equipment in packaging and printing industry
In recent years, LaserMen laser machines have been widely used in the packaging and printing industry.
Laser engraving technology plays an important role in the packaging and printing industry in the world. Laser technology is a contact-free printing or engraving process that minimizes the wear of product packaging. And the processing speed is fast and accurate, the processed graphics or text are clear, which is permanent and wear-resistant. Compared with the traditional processing equipment, laser equipment has obvious advantages.
The laser machine adopts advanced laser technology, equipped with computer, high speed and high efficiency. And it is far superior to traditional processing equipment in terms of accuracy, quality and finish, so it can transform and upgrade traditional process links. Laser machine provides fast, clean, safe and accurate packaging engraving effects for the packaging and paper industries.
With the development of laser technology, the application of laser marking machines has become more and more extensive. The product batch number, production date, expiration date, anti-counterfeiting traceability code (character, one-dimensional bar code, two-dimensional code) and other information of the domestic pharmaceutical industry's product pill box, board-loaded medicine, medicine bottle, medicine bag, capsule and label, all can be processed by laser marking machine. Laser marking machines are also used in the logos of the famous mobile phones.
The comprehensive advantages of laser marking, such as good effect, unchangeable, low cost, and flexible production, are becoming more and more obvious.
LaserMen will strengthen technological innovation and machine design to provide customers with our better products.

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