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The application of LaserMen fiber laser marking machine in jewelry industry

26 / 11 / 2020

The application of LaserMen fiber laser marking machine in jewelry industry
What is a  fiber laser marking machine and why can it be widely used in the jewelry industry?
The laser marking machine uses a high-energy laser beam to evaporate the surface of the substance, exposing the deep part, causing it to produce chemical and physical changes to etch the patterns, text, logos, etc. we need, and form a permanent mark. This is what we usually call fiber laser marking machine.
 Except for the fiber laser marking machine, can other equipment do this series of tasks? Yes, other equipment can be used for rough processing, but for the jewelry industry, there is no doubt that fiber laser marking machine is the most suitable equipment. Compared with traditional technology, fiber laser marking machine has shown absolute advantages in processing speed, processing technology, or commercial value creation.
 The processing materials gold, silver, platinum, etc. in the jewelry industry are all very precious materials. The processing accuracy is high and the process requirements are rigorous. How does a fiber laser marking machine complete this work? 
 First of all, the beam quality of the fiber laser marking machine is good, the beam quality is M2<1.1, the pulse width is <5ns, and the wavelength is 1064nm. It has a perfect effect for precision and fine marking and etching.
Secondly, the design and structure of the fiber laser marking machine is more rigorous. Adopt one-piece design, small size, more stable working process.
And, it is easy to operate. For special patterns and characters, it is easier to input and output, and to accurately mark the perfect design according to the requirements.
For fiber laser marking machine, maintenance-free.
Processing speed, using advanced fiber marking technology and powerful system software, marking speed and work efficiency greatly meet the needs of customers in the jewelry industry.
In addition to the jewelry industry, fiber laser marking machines can also be widely used in other industries, such as electronic components, precision hardware equipment, glasses, watches, and medical equipment etc.
LaserMen fiber laser marking machines are divided into different types, and support customization. If you are interested, we are glad to provide you with the best solution.

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