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Future industry applications of CO2 laser machine

07 / 5 / 2021

Future industry applications of CO2 laser machine
CO2 laser machine has been widely used in various industries due to its mature technology and powerful functions. With the rapid development of fiber technology in recent years, the market share of co2 laser machine has a downward trend. So, will the application market of co2 laser machine gradually shrink or even be replaced in the future?
As we all know, the core component of co2 laser machine is the co2 laser source. The wavelength of industrial CO2 laser is mainly 1064μm, and its electro-optical conversion efficiency is relatively high. Therefore, co2 laser machine can work well on most non-metal and some metal materials. This makes co2 laser well-known in many industries.
CO2 laser machine has been continuously exploring new fields for many years. Even with the continuous development of fiber technology, the co2 laser machine has always played a key role in many industries. The advancement of fiber laser technology has made fiber laser machine from 3000 W, 4000W, to 10000W, or even 40,000W. This has driven the development of the metal processing industry, especially the thick metal processing industry. But for non-metal and some thin metal processing industries, Co2 laser still has obvious advantages.
LaserMen fabric laser cutting machine, dynamic co2 laser marking machines, desktop co2 laser engraving cutting machine, LaserMen hybrid laser machine and other ordinary laser machine are sold all over the world and have received good feedback from customers.
The mature technology, reasonable price, short delivery time, and widely used (non-metallic materials such as leather, cloth, rubber, marble wood, acrylic, MDF, plastic, plywood etc. and stainless steel and carbon steel processing) make the co2 laser machine always have a place in the market. We have developed a laser machine, two in one fiber and Co2 laser machine, which can cut both thick metal and non-metal. This provides customers with more solutions.    
At present, co2 laser machine is used in advertising industry, household industry, craft gift, medical treatment, packaging industry, photo frame making, clothing and leather industry, architectural model, lighting, household design, etc. In the future, we will develop new industries with customers and bring more business value to them. 

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