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Laser cutting machine helps the rapid development of advertising industry

25 / 8 / 2021

Laser cutting machine helps the rapid development of advertising industry
The advertising industry is an industry with a wide range of penetration fields. Changes in market demand have made the advertising industry develop more rapidly. At the same time, the requirements of the advertising industry's style, standards and craftsmanship are also gradually increasing. The application of laser equipment in the advertising industry has greatly helped the development of the advertising industry.
The advertising industry in today is no longer the advertising industry in the traditional sense. It has brand-new changes in the requirements for material processing, craftsmanship, advertising processing speed and efficiency, etc.
Different laser equipment has different applications in the advertising industry. What we are talking about today is our newly designed two in one fiber and CO2 laser cutting machine for metal and nonmetal, which is of great significance to the advertising industry. This model is a combination of fiber and CO2. The machine adopts dual ball screw transmission system, which ensures the stability of the machine's running speed and the accuracy of the machining accuracy. The combination of fiber and CO2 laser not only satisfies the processing of thick non-metallic plates, but also satisfies the rapid cutting of metal plates. It is a very popular machine for the advertising industry. And the effect of processing has also been recognized by customers.

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