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How to effectively maintain the fiber laser tube cutting machine?

08 / 2 / 2022

How to effectively maintain the fiber laser tube cutting machine?
There will be inevitable wear of any equipment during using. The service life of equipment which for different customers even with the same brand and same model will be different.
In addition to the two objective factors of the quality and life of the laser equipment itself, the main factor is whether the operators use the tube fiber laser cutting machine in a standard way.  So what factors can ensure or prolong the service life of tube fiber laser cutting machine, what can we do?
First of all, any equipment needs regular maintenance, like our car, also needs regular maintenance.  So does our pipe fiber laser cutting machine. Some customers only work during the day with our fiber laser cutting machine, while some customers have more factory orders or more parts to be processed. The machine will work day and night.Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to pay more attention to the maintenance of the laser machine. Regular maintenance is an important action to reduce after-sales and reduce machine costs.
Second, during the long-term processing of the fiber laser pipe cutting machine, the wear between the mechanical bearings will also affect the service life. Our fiber laser machine equipped with the auto lubrication system, which can set a reasonable oil filling frequency in the software according to the actual processing requirements of the machine.Which can ensure the machine running normally.
Third, when the tube fiber laser cutting machine processes the workpiece, it will produce processing waste or dust. The chuck of our pipe laser cutter has an automatic blowing device, which can blow away the waste in time and keep the chuck clean.  We only need to clean up the garbage around the machine in time to ensure a good processing environment for the laser machine.  
Fourth, regularly check the straightness of the track of the laser pipe cutting machine and the flatness of the machine table, and adjust it in time if there is any abnormality.
Fifth, try to avoid the collision of the cutting head during using, and replace the wearing parts such as the protective mirror in time;
As a professional laser equipment manufacturer, LaserMen has a strong R&D team and after-sales team. During the using of fiber laser equipment, the adjustment of process parameters is also an important factor. We can provide customers with more professional guidance and support.
LaserMen will provide you with more professional solutions.

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