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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Daily Maintenance

06 / 6 / 2022

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Daily Maintenance


How to maintain



Clean up the dust and stains on the surface of the machine bed, laser heads, sensors and other components;

Keep the overall appearance of the machine clean;

Clean up cutting residues and flammable items on the machine table;

Ensure the normal use of the machine table; prevent the occurrence of fire;

Use an air gun to clean the dust or debris inside the front chuck
holder and the rear chuck of the pipe cutting assembly;


Ensure the normal use of the tube cutting chucks;

Before starting the machine, check whether the air valve
pressure is normal, and whether the wiring terminals inside the power distribution cabinet are tight;


Avoid insufficient air pressure during the cutting process to affect the cutting quality; ensure that the machine is normally turned on and running;

Check whether the air pipe and water pipe joints of the laser
head are properly connected to ensure that there is no air leakage or water leakage;


Ensure the normal supply of gas and cooling water during the cutting process;


Clean the sundries and oil stains on the guide rails and rack surfaces of the X, Y, Z axes and the pipe cutting assembly, and add 32# engine oil for the transmission racks;

Ensure the lubrication of the machine rack and pinion, prolong the service life of the guide rail and rack;

Use dry and clean ordinary air inside the power distribution cabinet (air pressure lower than 0.2mpa, avoid blowing electrical components directly) to clean the internal dust;

Ensure the cleanliness of the inside of the power distribution cabinet to avoid damage to electrical components;

Clean up the oil or debris attached to the travel limit switches;

Ensure the normal work of the machine limit switches;

Clean and wipe the motor, check the terminals, and check whether the junction box wiring screws are loose or burnt out. If damaged, it should be replaced in time;

Prevent leakage accidents;

Remove dust and oil stains from the outside of the motor base;

Keep the motor clean;

Clean the filter of the chiller;

Avoid poor heat dissipation and high temperature;

Use the oil gun to fill the 32# oil at the oil nozzle position of the
front and rear pneumatic chucks;


Ensure the lubricating of the front and rear chucks;

Disassemble and clean the dust and debris inside the exhaust


Ensure the normal use of the exhaust fan;

Clean up the sundries or oil stains attached to the protective lens;

to the protective lens; Ensure the normal laser output of the machine;


Check the transmission parts, whether the coupling is damaged, whether the installation is firm, and whether the bearing is damaged. Generally, the bearing should be cleaned once after 3-6 months of use, and the grease should be replaced;

Ensure the cutting accuracy of the machine and prolong its service life;

Clean up the oil and debris attached to the pneumatic chucks and pneumatic jaws of the tube cutting assembly;

Extend the life of the chucks;


Replace the cooling water of the chiller; in winter, you need to add antifreeze (industrial grade ethylene glycol, the ratio is 1:1).

Ensure the cleaning and cooling effect of cooling water; prevent cooling water from freezing;

Check all fixing screws, including anchor screws, end cap screws, bearing cap screws, etc., and tighten the loose screws;

Ensure the cutting accuracy of the machine;

Warning: To ensure personal safety, be sure to power off the machine during maintenance! If the machine fails, please communicate with the LaserMen after-sales.

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