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Installation of LaserMen 1325 hybrid laser cutting machine 
LaserMen 1325 hybrid co2 laser machine is an multifunctional equipment which can cut metal and nonmetals. Many customers have ordered this type machine.
If you have got this machine from LaserMen. Do not worry, the machine is easy to operate. Every type laser machine from LaserMen has the instruction and video guidance. 
The video shows the industallation of LaserMen 1325 size hybrid laser cutting machine. First the basic accessories and tools that needed for the machine are placed aside.
Then 1.Combined laser tube installation 2.USB cable connection 3.Water chiller installation 4.Exhaust fan installation 5.Oxygen gas installation 6. Machine testing.  
You can do as the video showing, any problem can contact with us.
If you would like to know the machine details, you can view the instruction of the LaserMen hybird co2 laser machine in our website.

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