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[LaserMen]LM-1560S 1.5 by 6 meters fiber laser cutting machine used in science and technology

[LaserMen] LM-1560S 1.5 by 6 meters fiber laser cutting machine
Fiber laser cutting machine Model: LM-1560S Working area size: 1500x6000mm Single table, open type.
Our engineee haver helped our customer installed the machine. The cutting spped and effect is vaey good.
Because of the high precision and good effect that customer can use the 1560 laser machine to the science and technology field.

1.5 by 6 meters fiber laser cutting machine

LM-1560S is designed by LaserMen manufacturer, It has been upgraded in the original product technology and structure. Excellent product technology and better cutting speed bring better benefits to customers and expand the application field.
In recent years, LaserMen is committed to technology upgrades and product process transformation, which has been recognized by more and more customers. The laser machines of LaserMen are becoming more and more popular. I hope you can find the best machine in Jinan LaserMen cnc equipment company.

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