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Operation steps for making festive paper-cuts with a laser cutter machine

27 / 5 / 2022

CO2 paper laser cutting machine
Traditional paper-cutting is an artistic creation made manually with scissors, which requires years of experience. Technological products not only speed up production and processing, but also contribute to culture and art. Today we use the laser cutting machine to make festive decoupage.
Step 1: Design drawings, preferably vector graphics.
Step 2: Import the image into the software and edit, make it a skeleton map. Set the parameters of the cutting machine.
In the cutting process of the laser cutting machine, the high energy density of the laser is used to irradiate the surface of the paper to cut out the pattern from the paper.
Remove the excess when the cut is complete. Laser technology has broadened the application field in folk art, making the art of paper-cutting amazing.
Paper cuttings can be pasted on doors, windows, furniture. Due to its high efficiency and precision, co2 laser cutting machines are gradually replacing labor.

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