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Fiber laser cutting machine with exchange table

06 / 9 / 2022

Fiber laser cutting machine with exchange table
Laser cutting machines are widely used in sheet metal processing, rail transit, automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household appliances, food machinery, textile machinery, tool processing, petroleum machinery, food machinery, kitchenware and bathroom, decorative advertising , laser external processing services, etc. For buyers, it is necessary to consider the cutting material, thickness, etc. in the long run, and choose the appropriate equipment.
LM-1530 fiber laser cutting machine with exchange table
As shown above, this is a exchange platform fiber cutting machine. Cutting on this platform, feeding on the other platform. Convenience, efficiency and time saving.
Adopt parallel exchange platform, and the bilateral drive is matched with the sprocket chain, which has the characteristics of stability, good rigidity and high speed.
High-speed parallel exchange platform design, dual worktable exchange at the same time, stable and reliable transmission mode.
Advantages of double exchange table laser cutting machine:
1. Efficient and time-saving
2. Good cutting quality
3. Stable performance
4. Energy saving and environmental protection
6. Short exchange time, improve production efficiency

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