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Do you know what are the two types of rack processing?

16 / 8 / 2022

Do you know what are the two types of rack processing?
The processing technology of the rack is divided into two types: grinding rack and fine-milling rack. What are the differences between the rack products of these two processes? The following is a detailed explanation of the difference between grinding racks and fine-milling racks from 5 aspects:
1. First of all, the tooth surface treatment methods used by the grinding rack and the fine milling rack are different. The grinding rack adopts the grinding tooth surface treatment method, and the finish-milling rack adopts the fine milling tooth surface treatment method.
2. The grinding rack has high strength, high wear resistance, small surface roughness and pitch error, stable high-speed movement, no abnormal vibration, high precision, and can reach or even exceed grade 5 precision. The basic principle of grinding is to add abrasive between the grinding tool and the workpiece, or between the workpiece and the workpiece, under a certain pressure, and the abrasive in the abrasive can perform micro-cutting on the workpiece.
3. Grinding rack drive is an efficient transmission method, which is usually used for high-end rack and pinion drives such as applications with large axial force, applications with a stroke greater than 2 meters, and high-precision linear movement.
4. Of course, the finish-milling rack is also a very good product. Several precision machining procedures ensure that the tooth surface deformation is small and the consistency is high.
5. The SMG racks used in all our fiber laser cutting machine are grinding racks.
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