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Desktop CO2 laser engraving cutting machine

Product name: Desktop CO2 laser engraving cutting machine
Model: LM-4030-H, LM-6040-H
Laser power: 50W, 80W, 100w
Working range: 400x300mm, 600x400mm
Application: engraving cutting non-metallic materials

Machine features

1. LaserMen Desktop CO2 laser engraving cutting machine has 2 optional sizes: 400x300mm, 600x400mm. Compact design takes small space and save shipping fee. It is good choice for small shops, home business, hobbies and education, etc.
2. CO2 laser tube power from 50W to 100W optional. Applicable for engraving and cutting various nonmetallic materials, like acrylic, plexiglass, wood, rubber, pvc, leather, paper, stone, glass, etc.
3. Fast engraving speed maximum 1000mm/sec.
4. Desktop CO2 laser engraving cutting machine is a whole set machine including laser tube, water cooling system, air blowing pump, etc. to ensure machine running.
5. Some optional functions like red dot pointer, rotary provide more convenience and applicable range.

Technical parameters

Model: LM-4030-H LM-6040-H
Laser type: CO2 glass laser tube, wavelength 10.6μm, water-cooled
Laser power: 50W 80w, 100w
Working area: 400x300mm 600x400mm
Engraving speed: 0-1000mm/sec
Cutting speed: 0-300mm/sec
Repeating location: ±0.01
Transmission type: Belt transmission
Driving system: Stepper motor
Machine table: Blade table (alternative: honeycomb table)
Graphic format supported: *.plt, *.dst, *.dxf, *.bmp, *.dwg, *.ai, *.las, supporting AutoCAD and CorelDraw
Software supported: CorelDraw, AutoCAD
Control system: RuiDa RDC5121 DSP Off-line control system, laser power 0~100% adjustable
Minimum letter size: Chinese 2.0x2.0mm, English 1.0x1.0mm
Working voltage: Single phase 220V/50Hz (Optional: 220V/60Hz, 110V/60Hz)
Working condition: Temperature 0~45 Celsius; Humidity 5%~95% no condensation

Desktop CO2 laser engraving machine working capacity:
Material Engrave Cut Material Engrave Cut
Wood  Pressboard
Acrylic  Rubber
Fabric  Wood Veneer
MDF Plywood
Delrin Plastic
Cloth Cork
Leather Corian  
Glass   Fiberglass
Ceramic   Tile  
Marble   Anodized Aluminum  
Matte Board Stainless Steel    
Melamine Brass    
Paper Titanium    
Mylar Bare Metals    
Coated Metals   Painted Metals  

Please check with us if your material is not in the above list.

Desktop CO2 laser engraving machine Dimensions:
Model Machine dimensions Package dimensions Gross weight
LM-4030-H 1000*715*443 mm 1200*950*710 mm = 0.81 CBM 100 kgs
LM-6040-H 1320*815*443 mm 1770*1170*710 mm = 1.47 CBM 120 kgs


Machine details

mini desktop co2 laser machine
4030 desktop co2 laser machine
machine view of desktop co2 laser machine

Desktop CO2 laser engraving cutting machine is a perfect desktop laser machine for everything from home use to starting a business. The machine provides high quality engraving and cutting at a low cost.
LM-4030-H features a 400 x 300mm (15.7” x 11.8”) work area with 50W and 60W laser power options. LM-6040-H provides a large 600 x 400mm (23.6” x 15.7”) work are with 80W, 100W laser power options. 

Machine details:
1. Brand: LaserMen
2. Laser tube brand: Yongli, RECI
3. Cooling system: water pump / CW-3000 water chiller / CW-5000 water chiller
4. Transmission: Taiwan linear guide rails, belt transmission
5. Driving system: stepper motors, maximum engraving speed 1000mm/sec
6. Control system: RuiDa
7. Machine table: slats table. Machine has 3 layers for installing the table so that you can process material or items with different height.
8. Laser software: RDWorks
9. Air assist: air compressor
Detainles image od desktop co2 laser cutting engraving machine

Machine has 200mm vertical space for you to put your materials or items. There are 3 layers to install the machine table. You can alter the machine table height by inserting it to a different layer, so that you can process different thickness materials.
 vertical space of desktop co2 laser machine

Optional accessories for desktop CO2 laser engraving cutting machine:
1. Honeycomb table: for soft materials like fabric, leather, paper, etc.
2. Red dot pointer: Laser is invisible. Red dot indicates where the laser will fire.
3. Rotary: With a rotary, you can engrave or cut cylindrical items, for example, engraving on bottles.
Optional accessories for desktop CO2 laser engraving cutting machine

packing of co2 laser machine

Machine Application

LaserMen desktop CO2 laser engraving cutting machine is able to engrave and cut various non-metal materials, and widely applied in arts and crafts, advertising, decoration, children toys, rubber stamps, and many other businesses.
Desktop co2 laser cutting and engraving sample

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