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Large size CO2 laser cutting engraving machine for nonmetals

Product name: Large size CO2 laser cutting engraving machine for nonmetals
Model: LM-1325
Laser power: 60w, 80w, 100w, 130w, 150w, 180w, 220w, 300w
Working range: 1300x2500mm
Application: Cutting and engraving acrylic, wood, mdf and other nonmetallic materials

Machine features

Large size CO2 laser cutting engraving machine for nonmetals 
1. China top brand CO2 glass laser tube, laser power available: 60W, 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 180W, 220W, 300W. The machine engraves and cuts non-metals. 60W-100W do both engraving and cutting. 130W and above mainly cuts, also engrave lines.
2. High power industrial water cooling system cools the CO2 laser tube and ensure stable laser output.
3. RDC6445G CNC control system with RDworks laser software support files: DXF, PLT, AI, LXD, BMP, etc. Machine read files from computer, and from USB flash as well.
4. Belt transmission in X and Y. Y belt width is 40mm.
5. Precision stepper motors with ratio gear, cutting edge is more smooth. (Optional you can choose servo motors instead of stepper motors.)
6. Air assist during cutting, removes heat and combustible gases from the cutting surface. Oxygen is necessary when cutting steel.
7. Extractors removes fumes and dusts caused during cutting.
8. Solenoid valve allows gas blowing only during cutting, which avoids gas wasting. The valve is important especially for oxygen assist during metal cutting.

Technical parameters

Model LM-1325-1
Laser type CO2 glass laser tube, wavelength 10.6μm, water-cooled
Laser power  60W, 80W, 90W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 180W, 220W, 300W 
Working area  1300x2500mm
Engraving speed 0-1200mm/sec
Cutting speed 0-300mm/sec
Repeating location ±0.01
Transmission type Belt transmission
Driving system Stepper motor
Machine table Blade table (alternative: honeycomb table)
Graphic format supported *.plt, *.dst, *.dxf, *.bmp, *.dwg, *.ai, *.las, supporting AutoCAD and CorelDraw
Software supported CorelDraw, AutoCAD
Control system RuiDa RDC6445G DSP Off-line control system, laser power 0~100% adjustable
Minimum letter size Chinese 2.0x2.0mm, English 1.0x1.0mm
Working voltage Single phase 220V/50Hz (Optional: 220V/60Hz, 110V/60Hz)
Working condition Temperature 0~45 Celsius; Humidity 5%~95% no condensation


Material Engrave Cut Material Engrave Cut
Wood Pressboard
Acrylic Rubber
Fabric Wood Veneer
Glass   Fiberglass
Coated Metals   Painted Metals  
Ceramic   Tile  
Delrin Plastic
Cloth Cork
Leather Corian
Marble   Anodized Aluminum  
Matte Board Stainless Steel    
Melamine Brass    
Paper Titanium    
Mylar Bare Metals    

Model Machine dimensions Package dimensions Gross weight
LM-1325-1 1955*3650*1100mm 3550*2070*1340mm=9.85 CBM 980KGS


Machine details

Large size CO2 laser cutting machine for nonmetals  
1325-1 co2 laser cutting machine with 4*8 feet working area. It can do both cutting and engraving for large sheet or board. Aluminum blade table or honeycomb table can be optional, it can be used for hard sheet materials and soft material, like cloth, fabric, leather, paper, etc.
Laser head: high speed co2 laser cutting head for cutting and engraving nonmetals.
Laser power supply:supplies stable power for the laser tube, ensure laser tube good performance and laser output.
Driving System:3-phrase stepper motors and drivers  
CO2 laser tube: Machine uses the China top brand Yongli or Reci CO2 laser  tube with 60W, 80W, 90W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 180W, 220W, 300W laser power.
Machine Packing with plywood box.

Machine Application

Applicable Materials
The machine is able to engrave and cut most non-metal materials, such as acrylic, perspex, wood, plywood, MDF, cloth,leather, plastic, paper, cardboard, pvc, rubber, etc.

 Application Industries
Advertising industry, packaging industry, arts and crafts, awards and trophies, paper-cutting, architectural models, lights and lamps, electronic appliances, photo frame and album, garment leather and other industries

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