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Double heads co2 hybrid laser machine for metal and nonmetals

Product name: Double heads co2 hybrid laser machine for metal and nonmetals
Model: LM-1390 hybrid with double heads, LM-1325 hybrid with double heads
Laser power: 150W / 180W / 220W / 300W +80W
Working range: 1300x900mm, 1300x2500mm
Application: Metal and nonmetal cutting, stone acrylic wood glass MDF plywood rubber engraving

Machine features

1. Double heads working. Auto focus hybrid laser cutting head and extra engraving laser head. The hybrid laser cutting head automatically adjusts its height along the metal sheet surface, ensuring the focal length keeps the same all the time. Smooth cutting edge, no need polishing or other further handing. Flat and wavy steel sheets can be cut with this machine. Exquisite carving effect. 
2. Multi-function co2 laser machine, capable of non-metals cutting engraving and steel cutting.  Able to cut stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic wood, etc. and to engrave stone, glass, rubber, wood, acrylic etc.
3.Outstanding cutting cross section, high precision, good stability, satisfying the processing demands of precision parts. Dynamic performance is stable, able to work for long time.
4. Cost-effective.

Technical parameters

Model: LM-1390 LM-1325
Laser type: CO2 glass laser tube, wavelength 10.6μm, water-cooled
Laser power: 150W, 180W, 220W, 280W + 80W 150W, 180W, 220W, 280W + 80W
Working area: 1300x900mm 1300x2500mm
Engraving speed: 0-1000mm/sec
Cutting speed: 0-500mm/sec
Repeating location: ±0.01
Transmission type: Belt transmission
Driving system: Stepper motor
Machine table: Blade table (alternative: honeycomb table)
Graphic format supported: *.plt, *.dst, *.dxf, *.bmp, *.dwg, *.ai, *.las, supporting AutoCAD and CorelDraw
Software supported: CorelDraw, AutoCAD
Control system: RuiDa RD6332M DSP Off-line control system, laser power 0~100% adjustable
Minimum letter size: Chinese 2.0x2.0mm, English 1.0x1.0mm
Working voltage: Single phase 220V/50Hz (Optional: 220V/60Hz, 110V/60Hz)
Working condition: Temperature 0~45 Celsius; Humidity 5%~95% no condensation

Material                        Cut    Engrave Material                             Cut Engrave
Wood  Pressboard 
Acrylic  Rubber 
Fabric Wood Veneer
Glass   Fiberglass
Coated Metals Painted Metals
Ceramic   Tile  
Delrin Plastic
Cloth Cork
Leather  Corian
Marble    Stainless steel   
Matte Board Carbon Steel  
Melamine Galvanized Steel  
Paper Titanium  
Mylar Aluminum    
150w-300w mainly cut and engrave lines, 80w can engrave most nonmetals.  
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Machine details

Double heads hybrid co2 laser machine
Two heads working hybrid laser machine
hybrid co2 laser cutting machine with double heads
Double heads working co2 laser machine is a multifunctional and cost-effective laser machine. The hybird laser head with auot focusing system can cut both metal and nonmetals, the extra engraving head can engrave fot most nonmetals, such as wood, acrylic, stone, plywood, acrylic, stone, glass, rubber etc. The feedback of the laser machine is great.
details of two heads hybrid laser machine
CO2 Hybrid laser cutting machine with two heads working with high efficiency and high speed for metal and nonmetals.
RuiDa controller system with friendly operation display and color screen. The processing pattern or letters can be imported directly from the laptop or by the USB flash.
There are 16 kinds of languages can be selected from the RuiDa software. 
laser tube of two heads co2 hybrid laser machine
Two laser tube for the hybrid laser machine with China top quality brand. The co2 combined laser tube can be with 150w, 180w, 220w, 300w. It main for cutting steel and nonmetals. The co2 glass laser tube can be with 80w, it main for engraving nonmetals and cutting thin nonmetal materials.

Machine Application

The machine is able to cut most non-metal materials, such acrylic, wood, plywood, MDF, cloth, leather, plastic, paper, cardboard, PVC, rubber, etc. and steel (mild/carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel.).
The extra laser engraving head with machine can engrave stone, glass, rubber,wood, MDF, acrylic, plywood, leather etc.
samples of co2 hybrid laser machines
samples of co2 hybrid laser cutting machine

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