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Automatic laser welding machine

28 / 11 / 2022

LaserMen automatic laser welding machine adopts manual design, simple and convenient installation and operation, adopts self-equipped cooling system, does not need any external water tower for water cooling, the maximum frequency can reach 100HZ, the linear speed can reach 8mm/s, which greatly improves the welding efficiency and welding quality.
It can also be equipped with a four-dimensional ball screw table, using an imported servo control system, including a rotating table, which can weld cylindrical objects and other objects of various shapes, with a wide range of applications, high precision and fast speed.
Machine advantages:
1) small footprint.
2) easy to move.
3) Suitable for mass production.
4) Easy and quick to learn.
Processing advantages:
1) Welding is more stable.
2) Smoother welding.
3) More professional and automatic to cooperate with tooling.
Application industry:
High-efficiency laser spot welding or sealing welding for new energy, medical equipment, aerospace, auto parts, instrumentation, 3C, IT electronics, jewelry, hardware structural parts and other products.
Applicable materials:
It is suitable for precision stainless steel, carbon steel sheet, copper foil, aluminum foil, gold, silver and other metals or alloys; it can also be used for welding between various dissimilar materials.
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